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Sep 20th, 2011 Choosing your Products wisely for Bad Breath in Central London Get in touch

It seems a bizarre thing to think that some oral hygiene products on sale in central London can actually add to bad breath, but in fact it’s true. One of the main contributors to bad breath is suffering from a dry mouth- this can be caused by a myriad of things from stress to diet, but having a dry mouth means that the saliva in the mouth has dried up and this means your mouth is vulnerable to gum disease and tooth decay and so it’s is important to keep the mouth hydrated at all times. If you use toothpaste that contains a bleaching agent however, it can help to add to the dryness. And one of the worst things you can use if you have this condition is alcohol based mouthwashes and others that use masking agents. They don’t actually solve the problem of bad breath, but by the chemicals added, they actually compound the problem by making the mouth even drier. Help should be sought from your dentist who can explain what exactly is in the more popular mouthwashes and toothpastes on the market so that you can avoid them and address the problem of dry mouth using more herbal based products.

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