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Sep 1st, 2010 City of London dentist discovers cause of bleeding gums Get in touch

Bleeding gums can be quite a nasty surprise and the cause of great concern. However, the causes of the bleeding are varied in both severity and frequency. If you notice that your gums are bleeding then it is always advised that you pay a visit to a City of London dentist who will be able to discover the cause of the bleeding.

One of the main causes of bleeding gums is, naturally, gum disease. This is caused a by a lack of dental hygiene, by insufficient brushing or flossing. This allows plaque and bacteria to build up around the gums and eventually causes irritation that leads to infection. Gum disease is easily treatable if caught in the early stages but if left can become very serious and even has links to heart disease. Small bleeding is often a sign of the onset of gum disease so you may need to receive some treatment.

More seriously, bleeding gums can also be the sign of oral cancer. This is obviously a very serious matter and the reason that you should always see a dentist if your gums are bleeding to be on the safe side.

However, it is also true that many cases of bleeding gums are just caused by an increase in the standard of oral hygiene. Someone who starts flossing after a long time of not doing it may experience some bleeding but this will usually stop after the first few days. It is simply a sign that the gums have been over stimulated and were probably in need of a good clean. However, as with all illness and conditions, it is always better to be safe than sorry, so make an appointment if you are concerned about your gums.

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