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Mar 3rd, 2010 City of London dentist explains about Dental Care- fighting Abscess, Tooth Pain and Gum Disease Get in touch

A City of London dentist has given some good advice on how to deal with the problems in dental care that involve infections, and the pain and inconvenience that comes with them. A simple solution of antibiotics followed by a new regime of oral hygiene is a good start. It would be safe to assume that the old regime is not working, as most problems of infection in the mouth are caused by an insufficient method of cleaning the teeth. An abscess is generally caused by bacteria seeping into a cut on the gums, this in turn is the result of another gum infection that softens the tissue and makes it prone to abrasive cuts as a result of vigorous brushing. Just fixing the problem won’t usually make it go away, it will keep coming back. Tooth ache is also generally caused by an infection contracted in much the same manner. Gum disease is the long term effect of a lax regime in oral care, and it is the basis of most if not all of the problems we have with our teeth. The best way forward is to start cleaning out teeth the correct way, this will keep bacteria and acid production to a minimum and that in itself will be go a long way to keeping infection at bay. Gingivitis is a prolonged disease of the gums and is not curable, the best we can do is to keep it from progressing to a higher level, brushing throughout the day, flossing and rinsing after all meals and snacks is a good way of achieving this. It doesn’t have be a mouthwash every time, just drinking small amounts of water will stop acid build up, and chewing gum will also help to neutralise acid build up, and in turn tartar build up around the base of the teeth.

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