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Jun 7th, 2010 City of London dentist makes new smile with dental bridge Get in touch

Teeth can be lost for many reasons. It could be due to some kind of physical trauma like a sporting injury or a motor vehicle accident. It may be due to eating a hard bit of food that cracks or severely damages the teeth. Or it could simply be due to decay or gum disease. Whatever the reason for having a missing tooth, it is often a very nasty experience that involves a lot of pain and embarrassment. Even after the initial pain has subsided the appearance of the teeth with a missing space can be the source of many self-confidence issues.

However, there are a number of ways to replace missing teeth. This could involve using a partial denture, often known as a plate, or even a dental implant. But one of the most popular ways of replacing missing teeth is with a dental bridge. This involves constructing a bridge between the adjacent teeth to the vacant slot. This is achieved using dental crowns and an artificial tooth known as a pontic.

In some cases, if the teeth are in good enough condition, the pontic can be attached simply with resin bonded strips rather than remove healthy enamel to attach dental crowns. Your City of London dentist will be able to make an assessment about which is the most suitable for your teeth.

A dental bridge will replace the cosmetic and functional use of the tooth, although some care must be taken to avoid very hard foods. They will last somewhere between ten and twenty years depending on how well they are cared for.

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