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Oct 17th, 2010 City of London dentist treats occlusion problem to ease pain Get in touch

Dental occlusion is the way that the top and bottom teeth sit together and the contact between them (the technical term for top and bottom teeth is the maxillary and mandibular teeth). Occlusion also refers to the way that the teeth approach each other during chewing and eating.

Problems occurring with the occlusion are quite common and often referred to generally as malocclusion. This means that the teeth do not sit together well and is often simply refereed to as bad bite. This can be the source of discomfort but it can also be responsible for many further health complications and problems.

Again being more specific, static occlusion is when the teeth are closed together and dynamic occlusion is when the teeth make contact when they are in motion. Problems with these types of occlusion can cause many problems not just with the teeth but also with the gums and with the temporomandibular joint and jaw muscles. These are commonly defined as grinding or bruxism, TMJ or a ringing or painful buzzing in the ears. These conditions can lead to wider health problems such as headaches, shoulder and neck pain.

The main ways of treating malocclusion involves your City of London dentist altering your bite in order to reduce the tension on the bite. This is commonly performed using a dental brace which will alter the way the teeth are aligned and the way in which they sit together. It will also have the added advantage of making teeth look straighter and more even.

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