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Jul 1st, 2011 City of London dentists are trained to help with tooth abscess problems Get in touch

If you are experiencing sudden pain in your mouth that is impairing your ability to eat and drink properly then it might be that you have developed an abscess in one of your teeth. This can be particularly painful and will need to be dealt with so that the problem is unable to spread to the rest of the mouth and require more drastic measures.

Abscesses can have a variety of causes. If a cavity has gone untreated then it might be allowing germs to enter the interior of a tooth and causing the pulp inside the tooth to become infected. This can be common in teeth in elderly patients too, who are more likely to develop small cracks in their teeth that can allow compromising germs inside.

A one-off accident that has affected the mouth can also lead to a tooth abscess if the pulp has been damaged and infected and not cleaned out properly. Those with weaker immune systems might be susceptible to this eventuality. Swelling in the face can occur in severe cases of tooth abscesses.

Making an appointment to see your City of London dentist is crucial in sorting out a tooth abscess. They are trained to deal with such things and can remedy the situation to your satisfaction. It is possible that a tooth abscess will be so severe that it needs the tooth to be removed. More likely is that root canal treatment will be needed in order to clear the interior of the tooth of its damaging infection. The risk of tooth abscesses is just another reason to go and see your dentist every six months for a check up.

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