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Feb 14th, 2011 City of London dentists combat tooth pain and diagnose abscesses Get in touch

Having pain in your teeth can make a number of activities rather more inconvenient than they need to be. Eating, drinking and even talking can be difficult and you should contact your dentist in case the pain is a symptom of something worse, like an abscess.

You might find that consuming food and drink which is especially hot or cold is more difficult as your teeth react to the temperature. It might be that the enamel on your teeth has been worn away by excess plaque and the nerves are being compromised when you eat and drink. Permanent tooth ache can ensue and you might end up with a tooth that has to be removed.

If the pain is especially severe then it might be that you have an abscess in your mouth. This can happen if you have suffered a serious accident which affected your mouth. This excruciating pain might be accompanied by a noticeable swelling to the face. Any such symptoms should be reported to your dentist without delay. An abscess is a serious business and might require surgery.

You ought to keep your dentist informed of what’s going on with your mouth and the best way to do this is at the check ups you should be having every six months. It is important too that you don’t hesitate in making an appointment whenever a problem should occur. This is preferable to waiting for your next check up as the problem might have got a lot worse by that point.

Contact your City of London dentist if you are experiencing tooth pain and are worried that it might be the result of an abscess.

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