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Dec 17th, 2010 City of London dentists create perfect smiles with Enlighten tooth whitening Get in touch

Having perfectly white teeth can give an incredible boost to your confidence and whitening procedures have long been available to achieve that. Some of these involve procedures at the dentist and others are administered at home. The fact is that teeth are likely to lose some of their natural sparkle over time through such activities as drinking tea or coffee or smoking. Just getting older means that teeth are likely to become duller.

The Enlighten method of tooth whitening is already extremely popular in the United States because of its incredible ability to restore teeth to the shade known as B1, which represents the whitest possible for teeth. Using special trays filled with whitening gel, Enlighten can restore the dullest or most stained teeth.

The trays are constructed using dental impressions and moulds to ensure that they fit tightly to your teeth and stop saliva from interfering with the process. The trays need to be worn every night for a full fortnight before a forty minute appointment with your dentist. That is the main treatment over with but the Enlightenment experts recommend that the trays and gel continue to be worn for one night out of forty to maximise the results.

Enlighten teeth whitening is a comfortable and convenient process and the treatment itself will have little discernable impact on your everyday life. However, the incredible results certainly will have an impact as you are able to smile with confidence knowing that your dull, stained teeth are a thing of the past. Ask your City of London dentist for more information.

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