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Jun 16th, 2011 City of London dentists diagnose oral cancer so patients can be treated early and effectively Get in touch

Oral cancer is just one of the cancers which will affect one in every three people living in the United Kingdom. It has fairly high rates of survival but it must be caught early so that it can be treated to good effect. By visiting your dentist every six months you are giving yourself the best chance of beating oral cancer should it develop in your mouth.

Rates of oral cancer are higher in men than women and smoking tobacco and regularly drinking too much alcohol have been found to be contributing factors also. But women also get oral cancer, as do those who refrain from smoking and drinking. You can’t anything for granted to it is best to be vigilant for oral cancer like you would be for many other more common conditions.

The signs that you might spot could include hardened patches on the tissue inside your mouth. These may be a rusty colour and can be felt for with your finger. Sudden and unexplained weight loss can also be a sign of oral cancer but it can also be a symptom of many other things besides.

Oral cancer can be treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy like other cancers but the best chances of coming through are to be gained by an early diagnosis. This is where dentists can help. They are trained to look for the signs of oral cancer when they are giving your mouth a general examination. If your City of London suspects that they have found the early signs of oral cancer they will immediately refer you to an oncologist so that a more thorough examination can occur.

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