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May 11th, 2011 City of London dentists help patients to overcome issues with dental phobia once and for all Get in touch

City of London dentists say that it is very important that people overcome any issues they might have with dental phobia. But what is dental phobia? Unfortunately it is a condition that is all too common in the United Kingdom and can have undesirable consequences. The causes of dental phobia can vary but they all result in feelings of not wanting to go and see the dentist in their surgery.

Perhaps the variant of dental phobia that most people will think of instantly is where patients are afraid of going to the dentist because of memories (or perceived memories) of painful procedures when they were younger. It is not something that people want to relive so they avoid going to the dentist as a result. This is unfortunate because a visit to a modern dental surgery will reveal that practices have changed a lot and they are far more relaxing places to be. Pain free gels can help mollify the effects of injections and some surgeries are actually using targeted jets of water instead of dental drill for certain procedures.

Some dental phobia has causes which are perhaps more anodyne. A personal disagreement at the surgery might put one off from going back there. Some people feel embarrassed about the state of their teeth and think that the dentist will pass harsh judgement on their oral health if they see them. Most urban areas will offer a choice of dental practices and you should exercise this right to choose if you are not happy with the conduct of one dentist or another. The important thing is to get back into the habit of going to the surgery every six months as this is one of the best ways to ensure lasting oral hygiene.

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