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Jun 23rd, 2011 City of London dentists improve patients’ smiles with botox Get in touch

In recognition of the marvellous facilities that many dental surgeries have and the adaptability and professionalism of the staff, dentists are broadening the services that they are offering. In many surgeries you can now have cosmetic procedures carried out as well as the usual root canal treatments and tartar removal. This makes sense, given that the cosmetic dentistry branch of dentistry is primarily concerned with improving the looks of patients anyway.

In a number of surgeries in the United Kingdom, patients can now get an injection of botox to improve the look of their smile. Botox is a chemical that can be injected into muscles to paralyse them and stop wrinkles from coming about. It is a perfectly safe substance to have in the body because it will naturally break down and leave the body in the usual fashion.

The procedure of having a botox injection will probably last around one hour and twenty minutes and can cost less than one hundred pounds. It is worth thinking about if you are worried about the look of your smile and feel that your confidence is suffering from wrinkles around your mouth. Patients sometimes report that they feel a little nauseous after the injection but the effects are immediate in terms of firming up your smile.

Next time you are talking to your City of London dentist, ask them about which cosmetic procedures they offer. More than four million people have botox injections in the United States of America every year and the numbers are increasing in the United Kingdom. Why not give it a go and see what it can do for the look of your smile?

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