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May 1st, 2011 City of London dentists offer Six Months Brace treatment to patients with crooked teeth Get in touch

There are a number of options for those who are concerned about the alignment of their teeth. The traditional brace has been the mainstay of such treatment for many years but there are also a number of newer procedures on the market now too. The reasons for correcting crooked or misaligned teeth are twofold. Many people are simply unhappy with the way their smile looks if it is not perfectly straight. There is also the consideration that a misaligned bite can be a contributing factor in patients grinding their teeth in their sleep.

Whatever your reason for wanting to straighten out your smile, Six Months Brace is an interesting new treatment that is being offered by many dentists in the United Kingdom that is quick, convenient and affordable. The first major advantage of Six Months Brace over traditional metal braces is that the treatment is able to be completed in just six months for many patients. This is a significant improvement on the length of time that traditional braces take: sometimes eighteen months or two years.

Six Months Brace is an incredibly discreet way to correct alignment issues. Although it uses brackets and wires in the same way as traditional braces, these brackets and wires are able to be matched to the colour of your surrounding teeth. This represents and innovation in dentistry that is worth shouting about and many patients have been delighted at the fact they can now treat their crooked teeth with a product that is far less unsightly than the only option in the past. If your City of London dentist is registered with Six Months Brace , this may be something that you can pursue.

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