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Dec 4th, 2010 City of London dentists solve teeth problems by fitting braces Get in touch

Braces are an effective method used to correct problems with your teeth. If your teeth are misaligned or crooked or your bite is not correct, your dentist might advise that you have a brace fitted. The improvements that braces can offer are long term and will affect your confidence, giving you pride in your smile. The problems solved by braces can also mean that you will have better oral hygiene.

Braces do not have to be fitted in childhood. Although that is the best time for braces because children’s teeth are still developing, braces can be fitted at any age and are available to correct a variety of problems. If your teeth are too close together or have too many gaps between them, braces can be used. Braces can even achieve widening of the palate or jaw and, in some cases, can even reshape teeth themselves. You may need to wear your brace for up to three years but advances in technology mean that sometimes treatment only lasts for six weeks.

Generally dentists will take x-rays of your mouth and then moulds and impressions of your teeth in order to construct your brace but digital technology can sometimes mean that moulds and impressions are no longer necessary. Traditional braces involve brackets being attached to your teeth and wires threaded through these brackets. The wires are what your dentist will adjust in order to move your teeth gradually over time at regular appointments.

Increasingly there are other options for those who need their teeth adjusted and ‘invisible’ and friction-free braces are now widely available. Your City of London dentist can give you more information about braces and how they can solve your teeth problems.

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