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Aug 19th, 2014 Clear And Simple Dental Discretion With Invisalign In London Get in touch

Beautiful young lady smilingHere at Aqua Dental we understand that image is everything in the heart of London and traditionally braces haven’t been the coolest dental accessory. However with our Invisalign clear aligners we have the perfect solution. Say no more geeky metal braces.  If you don’t like your crooked and jagged smile, you should opt for the popular, Invisalign! Braces have never been so sexy.

How does Invisalign provide the perfect smile?

Invisalign uses a system of clear plastic aligners, custom-fit and removable, to align the teeth into the desired aesthetic look. They are see-through, meaning they are virtually unnoticeable.  We find that this bonus gives people a lot more confidence when it comes to socialising and going to work. Each aligner is worn for around 2 weeks as each tray moulds your smile gradually.  We recommend that you wear each Invisalign aligner for at the very least 21 hours each day. This will help you achieve the very best results the orthodontic system provides.

There are few barriers to this treatment when it comes to patient age range. It happens that it is very popular with adult patients who see how convenient the system can be. It’s convenient, as it can be removed whilst eating or for an important speech you may have to give. Other brace systems don’t have this added benefit. Invisalign can correct minor orthodontic issues regarding gaps, crowding and bite related problems.

A handy colour coded system allows you to track each brace and tells you when it’s time to change. If you lose or break your aligner you will also be given spares so there’s no need to panic.

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