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Nov 15th, 2013 Clear-step: orthodontic art in Central London Get in touch

4244118_blogThere is no doubt that there are some truly unique, efficient and fast ways of getting your teeth straightened around in central London right now, and Clear-step epitomises all of these. It won’t be for everyone, depending on the complexity of the work required, but if you can get onto this programme, you are in for a treat. Your teeth need first to be measured up by having images and impressions made of your teeth so that a series of removable aligners can be made up especially to suit your mouth. They need to be changed regularly so that your teeth are constantly being moved. What is great about this system is there are no wires involved; each aligner is constructed from a clear plastic, which means that it is almost impossible to see when it is in the mouth, now if that’s not a selling point, what is? If you commit to this and take advantage of the fact you can take it out to clean your teeth properly, then the whole treatment can be over with in as little as 9 months- you made need a retainer in order to get your teeth used to their new position, but this is really nothing and you can’t argue with the brilliance of how Clear-step works for you.


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