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Feb 18th, 2013 Clever Clearstep In London W1 Get in touch

There are a lot of aligners and braces in London W1 that offer a lot of promises when it comes to solving the problems of your teeth, but there are very few that offer the promise of doing it with an air of invisibility, which is what the whole Clearstep programme is all about. Traditionally, having a brace fitted meant that you would get the best treatment around, but it would also mean having a mouthful of ugly metalwork to contend with: Clearstep bucks this trend. The first aligner offered by the programme is transparent, so it is hard to detect in the mouth; it is also removable, so this gives an extra dimension of freedom to the wearer. During the treatment, you will change the aligner periodically to compensate the movement of your teeth, but the whole treatment will be over with in 9-18 months so it is quick, though this depends on the complexity of your problem. Clearstep also approaches orthodontic problems with another device. This is fitted to the inside of the teeth and though fixed, it is completely out of view, so again, a real bonus to the wearer. You should ask your dentist about the Clearstep programme if getting to that point in your life when you need your teeth straightened.

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