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Jul 18th, 2016 Clever, Fast and Discreet Braces Get in touch

2445507_blogThe tongue is an important muscle in our day to day lives for, as Sophocles said, “it is the tongue and not the deed that wins the day.” One thing that tends to put a damper on tongue wagging and dramatic proclamations is, unfortunately, the presence of ‘classic’ fixed metal braces. Sadly, popular culture has assigned them an undeserving stigma that tends to render their wearers a little tongue shy. Thank goodness for lingual braces!

What are lingual braces?

Lingual is Latin for ‘close to the tongue,’ and that is precisely what these braces are: Lingual braces are positioned inside and behind the teeth, thus being that bit closer to your tongue, which puts the brace out of sight.

The advantages of lingual braces

Well, for one thing they are difficult to spot. Unless you enjoy letting everyone you meet examine your mouth, chances are no one will know you are having brace treatment at all. They also have one key advantage over several other forms of discreet orthodontic treatment – they are fixed. This might not sound like much of an advantage, but it can prevent several problems from occurring. Many competing forms of discreet treatment are based on a series of aligners that gradually alter the position of your teeth. These aligners need to be worn, on average, for between 20 and 22 hours a day. Should you forget to put your aligner back in after a meal or brushing, this can mean that the next aligner in the series won’t fit. This potential for human error can cause lengthy delays and add extra costs to your treatment. Can this happen with Lingual braces? No, because you can’t take them out.

Getting them fitted

First, a dentist will take an impression of your mouth. A lab will then receive this impression and then will construct custom made brackets for your teeth from it. The brackets, after being set in wax, will be sent in a near complete state to your dentist. These will then be fitted, with some arch wire, in your mouth. The arch wire will provide the slight tension which will pull your teeth into position.

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