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Oct 3rd, 2013 Clinical CEREC hits London W1 Get in touch

3982072_blogBeing a busy place to work and play, London W1 can often leave you with little time to fit in a dentist’s appointment, especially if something goes wrong in your mouth. However, modern dental technology has got to grips with this dilemma and with CEREC it could be the answer to certain problems. This is a system that fabricates a new fitting for you if you need one or if some has become broken; it will produce a new bridge, veneer or a crown if you very quickly indeed. It is the manner in the way it makes your new fitting that is remarkable about this procedure though. Your teeth will be digitally x-rayed and imaged first and this information will be fed into the CEREC computer programme. The computer will then get to work on designing your new piece and once done, will feed all of this information into an engineering unit that will make what you need on the spot. From start to finish, you can be kitted out with a new part in around the hour- that equates to a long dinner break from work. If you’d like to know more, then ring-up Mulberry Dental Care of Surrey; they can tell you where and how much about this treatment in order to get it done in your area.


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