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May 24th, 2011 Closing out the gaps with a Bridge in the City of London Get in touch

A lot of factors fit together like a jigsaw to keep your mouth healthy and free from problems, the first piece being your dentist. Throughout your life, any dentist in the city of London will strive to uphold the primary directives of dentistry- healthy gums and teeth, straight teeth to maintain your bite for a healthy jaw and to keep as many teeth in your mouth as possible. There are a numerous amount techniques available to them to do this- one of which is the dental bridge, used to replace any missing teeth. It’s proven itself over the years to be a wonderful answer to tooth loss and combined with the use of an implant as well, they last longer than ever in the mouth. Having one fitted is quite a simple process and one of the cheaper choices you have to fill that hole in your mouth. What one type of bridge you have depends on where you have lost the tooth; most people lose a tooth at the back of the mouth as they get older and therefore, the bridge can only be bonded onto a single tooth- this is where an implant can give the bridge extra rigidity to take the forces that come from biting and chewing. However, if a tooth has been lost within a line of teeth, it can be replaced by having the new tooth connected to two crowns that bond over the adjacent tooth; again, depending on the pressures that the bridge has to go through, an implant can be very useful for added strength. They are harder to clean, but if you look after your bridge, it should last you a good 15+ years.

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