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Nov 22nd, 2011 Concerned Dentist in London W1 Area Discusses the Importance of Children’s Oral Health Get in touch

Good oral health for your child begins with incorporating excellent dental hygiene into your child’s life from an early age. Even before your children’s teeth become visible, their gums should be cleaned with a damp cloth to encourage blood circulation and remove any plaque and food particles. It is important to familiarize your child with the dentist and have a proper check up by your child’s first birthday. With frequent visits to the dentist from a young age, your child will learn not to fear dental check ups and grow to appreciate the importance of oral health. Your dentist will be able to keep track of your child’s teeth and detect any potential problems. Preventative dental care from an early age is crucial to fighting costly dental diseases such as tooth decay. By about two and a half years of age, your children should have all their primary teeth visible. Ask your dentist in London W1 about a fluoride treatment at this stage to harden your children’s tooth enamel. This helps prevent common childhood dental diseases. You may also want to consider dental sealants for children’s new permanent molars. Dental sealants work as an extra shield of protection against cavities. You and your dentist can work together to make certain that your children’s oral health is the best as it can be for them.

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