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Dec 27th, 2011 Confronting a Dental Emergency in the City of London Get in touch

If you look at some of the most idiotic emergency calls that are made to the emergency services in the city of London each year, you’ll probably find some pretty pointless dental ‘emergencies’ in there somewhere as well. The thing is, you need to get down to your dentist and find out exactly what constitutes a dental emergency because they certainly will put the phone down if you pester them at 4am in the morning with a chipped tooth and you won’t be to popular with the ambulance service either. Your dentist can supply you with all of the information you need to know in a crisis as long as you clue yourself up about the crisis, and then offer you an out of hours hotline if you do get into trouble. On many occasions, you can remedy most problems such as a filling falling out, a chip, a veneers dropping off or a crack in one of your teeth by using painkillers until your dentist can see you- uncomfortable yes, an emergency no. If you lose a tooth, yes phone the hotline for advice. An abscess, get yourself straight to hospital as this is serious, but don’t go panicking if you have just misplaced your aligner or dentures under the bed because you are not going to be popular in the slightest.

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