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Feb 27th, 2011 Contact your London W1 dentist immediately to deal with dental emergencies Get in touch

Serious and sudden problems affecting your mouth are best dealt with immediately so that things do not get much worse in a short space of time. If you have such a problem you should contact your London W1 dentist without delay so that your mouth can be examined by a trained professional who is expert in oral matters.

Dental emergencies can occur if you have had a serious accident. In physical situations teeth can easily be dislodged or knocked out altogether. One of your teeth or a number of them might have been subject to heavy impact which leaves them in excruciating and sustained pain, sometimes with a change in colour too.

If your teeth become sufficiently damaged to the point where an infection occurs then this can compromise your general health as the infection might enter the blood stream. For this reason it is vital that a dentist is consulted as soon as possible so that the problem can be put right.

Your dentist might need to replace a tooth or perhaps remove a damaged one and installing a temporary replacement so that infection cannot spread and there is a functioning replacement tooth in the place of the lost one. If your tooth has been damaged internally then root canal treatment might be necessary to clear it of infection or debris.

It is better to be safe than sorry and you should always go and see your London W1 dentist if you fear that a dental emergency is occurring. Your oral health is not worth compromising for the sake of saving face and your dentist should always be understanding about your concerns.

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