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May 24th, 2013 Contouring your Gums with Lasers in London W1 Get in touch

It is a delight to see just how technology has influenced the world of dentistry in London W1. Before in the old days, it was all about the drill and the scalpel and though these had their time, recovering from operations with such tools could be painful and lengthy. Wind forward to now and you have entered the world of laser surgery which is unbelievably efficient, painless and does very minimal damage wherever it works. Such a treatment that has benefited hugely from lasers is gum contouring. This is a procedure that involves the removal of excess gum tissue from around the teeth. In about 30 minutes, a dentist will pick out the gums that affect your smile and gently burn away any excess tissue to reveal the longevity of your teeth. In some cases, you may require veneers to help protect the new exposed parts of the teeth, but you will certainly benefit from having this done. It won’t take long to get over- there will always be a little discomfort, but painkillers will suffice- along with a medicated mouthwash but the affects will be stunning and you will smile in a way you never thought possible….and the price for this short sharp remedy? It will cost you around £200 for the initial contouring and more if you need veneers, but hey, you will never look back once it is done.


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