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Apr 8th, 2013 Correction through CEREC in West London Get in touch

West London: vibrant, busy and very demanding, which makes it very difficult to take time out of the day for such things as dental work, which rather puts you in a catch 22 situation, you need to look good, yet when and how can you get the work done- you may only have around an hour for lunch. Well with CEREC that is all you will need if you need a bridge, a crown or a veneer sorted out. This treatment is one of those new fangled things born out of the wonderful computer revolution that has changed the face of modern dentistry, and a dentists/patients dream to boot. When you pop along for the treatment you require you will be subjected to around five minutes of digital imaging on the affected area, after which, the dentist can get to work preparing you for your fitting. In the meantime, all of those images will have been fed into the CEREC computer programme that will have designed your new part, after which, all the information is fed into a milling machine that will produce the part you need- you are now about 20 minutes into the session. Then amazingly, your new fitting is made and ready to fit. The great thing about CEREC and the treatment you are having- if for some reason there is a problem, it can be rectified on the spot. Then all you have to do is cough up the cash and you walk out of there with your smile in tact and go back to work, picking up a sandwich to eat of course on the way….BRILLIANT!


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