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Dec 6th, 2010 Cosmetic bonding from Central London dentists gives great results for fillings Get in touch

There has never been a better time to get your teeth cavities filled or have your old metal fillings replaced. Metal fillings can look unsightly and cavities lead to painful experiences while eating or drinking so you ought to ask your Central London dentist about how cosmetic bonding procedures can rectify these problems in just a single visit. The results of cosmetic bonding procedures are long-lasting and discreet.

Cosmetic bonding uses dental composites to fill cavities, which are small holes in your teeth. Dental composites comprise acrylic resins and fillers which are mouldable and come in colours to match your teeth and ensure that no-one will even notice that you have a filling.

Your dentist can select the appropriate colour to match your surrounding teeth for texture and look. Once your tooth has been adequately cleaned of debris, which can compromise the procedure, an etching gel will be applied to your tooth to make sure that the composite bonds well. Once the composite has been applied – sometimes in two stages – a curing light is shone onto it before your dentist buffs and polishes it. The fine finish only heightens the effect of fillings that are almost invisible and allow you to smile with confidence.

Digital x-rays mean that these processes are even quicker than in the past and allow fillings to be carried out in just one visit to the dentist. If you are interested in getting your old metal fillings replaced or have problems with painful tooth cavities, contact your Central London dentist to find out about the excellent results that cosmetic bonding can achieve.

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