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Nov 19th, 2010 Cosmetic bonding in the city of London Get in touch

Artistic flair is rapidly becoming an important credential in most professions in everyday life. From cooking to surgery, it’s the difference between an efficient finish and a fantastic one; in the city of London, this also applies to the dentist, especially with cosmetic bonding. Cosmetic bonding is a technique that uses a composite, easy to shape resin that can be used to fill cavities and gap’s, repair chipped and cracked teeth, and eliminate small blemishes and discolouration. The dentist’s artistry comes with deciding on the strength, colour matching and ultimately the sculpturing of the finished product. A dental bond can restore a healthy look to the teeth in one visit to the dentist and is a lot cheaper and faster than other procedures. If looked after, the bond can last up to 20 years and requires only minor touch ups along the way.

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