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Mar 3rd, 2011 Cosmetic Bonding in West London Get in touch

If your is one of these people that has very little space in your diary, but find that your teeth could do with a little bit of T.L.C., then cosmetic bonding will fit right into your lifestyle in west London. It’s the easiest of all the cosmetic treatments that will touch up your teeth cheaply and quickly, with the minimum of fuss. This treatment works best on those old tired fillings, small cracks and chips, deep rooted stains, or gaps between the teeth. Once you’ve booked yourself an appointment at the dentists, your teeth will be gently prepared by removing any film on the enamel with an etching gel. Then the dentist will prepare a resin that is colour coded to match the surrounding teeth and then apply the first layer; this is then cured with a heat lamp. This procedure will be repeated over and over again until there is enough material on the tooth to work with. The resin is then gently sculptured into shape followed by a polish until the desired result is achieved. Though not as durable as some cosmetic treatments on the market, bonding is far less harsh on the teeth. Prices are very reasonable, generally starting from around £50, depending on the work required, but the treatment is so wonderfully simple, it’s one of the more popular choices for the people who have very little time in the day to spare.

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