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Mar 12th, 2012 Cosmetics for Your Teeth in Central London Get in touch

3982072_blogLets imagine a scenario: you’ve let yourself go a bit looks wise and you have decided that you want to get your beauty back. The gym will get your body into shape, the hairdresser can sort out your hair and you can cut loose on products to plaster on your face, but there is one important ingredient here that needs to be addressed as well, otherwise you will have wasted time and money on the others. Your mouth.

Your smile is possibly the most essential ingredient in this makeover, as it is the first thing that others will notice.

Cosmetic dentistry is big business in central London because it is the perfect way to get you smiling again after years of wear and tear. Firstly, you need to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy and then plug any gaps where teeth have been lost, by having dental implants or bridges fitted. Then you can get to work on how your teeth look.

If they are worn down and have become cracked, or chipped and gaps have started to appear, a veneer or bonding can sort these problems out.

However, if your teeth are in fine fettle, yet have just become discolored, tooth whitening is en vogue right now. You can either do it yourself at home or go to your dentist for a laser blast, which is cheap, cheerful and very effective. There is a further treatment you can have done as well. For however beautiful your teeth now look, your lips may have developed a few lines over the years and that isn’t pretty, but these wrinkles can easily be removed with Dermal Fillers or Botox injections-and all are available from your dentist!

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