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Feb 13th, 2015 Could Cupid Be Pointing His Arrow At Your White Smile This Valentine’s Day? Get in touch

18625010Polls and surveys conducted by online dating sites show that an attractive smile is among the most important features people look for in a partner. If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, we could help you stun with your smile with our amazing whitening treatments.

A bright, white smile has long been linked to beauty, good health and success, but if your pearly whites are looking a little dull or discoloured, we are here to help! With our incredible home whitening treatments, Cupid could soon be paying you a visit!

About home whitening

We offer premium home whitening treatment, which is proven to lighten and brighten the shade of teeth significantly within just two weeks. Home whitening is an effective, easy and hassle-free way to get a gorgeous looking smile. With this treatment, you can enjoy a dazzling smile without even having to brave the cold and leave home.

Before you start your treatment, we invite you to a consultation and we discuss the treatment process and explain how it works and what it involves. We then create impressions of your teeth, which are converted into whitening trays. You take your trays home and you can then begin treatment.

Home whitening treatment couldn’t be simpler and all you have to do is pop your whitening trays, which contain bleaching agent, over the teeth for around 6 hours per day. We suggest a treatment period of 14 days and you can wear your trays at any time of the day or night. At the end of your treatment, your teeth will look amazing and you’ll be ready to get out there and find ‘the one’! Treatment isn’t painful and you can fit it around your day to day regime.


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