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Feb 17th, 2014 Could sedation be the solution to all your dental woes? Get in touch

1528196_blogGoing to the dentist is not the most appealing prospect for most people, but for some people, even the thought of having dental treatment is enough to make them feel extremely anxious and nervous. Dental anxiety is fairly common and sometimes, the fear is so great that it is classed as a phobia. In cases where an individual has dental phobia, this can be a real hindrance to oral health, as it is likely that they will avoid going to the dentist. If dental anxiety is a problem, sedation could be the solution.

Sedation is a popular technique for reducing anxiety in nervous patients; sedation is a treatment, which is used to bring about a profound state of relaxation and calm. It is different from general anaesthetic, as it does not make you lose consciousness and you will be able to talk to your dentist during the procedure if you wish to.

Sedation is useful in treating patients with a number of reasons, including people coming to us with a fear of injections, the dental drill or pain and it can also be helpful for those who have a very sensitive gag reflex and patients who are undergoing a long procedure.

There are different methods of sedation, including oral and IV sedation; your dentist will discuss the options with you and decide upon the best course of action.

If you’re worried about having dental treatment in London or you’ve been avoiding seeing a dentist for a long time as a result of nerves or fear, sedation could be the solution, which helps you to overcome your phobia.


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