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Feb 7th, 2013 Cracking Dental Crowns In The City Of London Get in touch

Your teeth can go through an awful lot through your life and some of these can be very destructive. The loss of a tooth needs to replaced, not only for vanity reasons but to also avoid further infection in the mouth and keep the bite of your mouth in tact. Similarly, decay can ravish your teeth and again afterwards, they need to be repaired for the same reasons. In both these cases, it is where a dental crown will be employed to overcome these problems. Now though your dentist in the city of London will make a few suggestions to you as to what type of crown you should choose, it still come down to what takes you’re fancy. The most popular crowns are constructed out of porcelain to keep the natural look going in your smile. Porcelain-over-metal crowns are very strong and are best used at the rear of your mouth that is subjected to a lot of chewing forces, whereas a full porcelain crown is preferred at the front of the mouth where the work load is lot lighter. But there is another option that you can go for- gold. Very strong and very glitzy, they are also popular and give a sense of grandeur and affluence to your smile.

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