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Jul 12th, 2009 Credit Crunch Lets the Rot Set in London W1 Get in touch

The Department of Health reports that the present recession and credit crunch has led to a dental health crisis with more and more people staying away from dental appointments. The cost of most dental procedures has plummeted sky-rocket. A routine check-up will now cost you 16 and a tooth filling will cost you 41 against the earlier fee of 6 and 17.

Regular dental check-ups have become a luxury than a necessity in these financially troubled times. Most people are finding it difficult to provide their family with the basic necessities and do not have excess cash to spend for routine health check ups.

But London W1 dentists remind the public that prevention is better than cure. This statement holds most true in dentistry where timely check-ups can maintain the normal health of your teeth and gums. If oral problems like plaque or cavities are left unchecked, it can lead to infectious conditions like dental caries and other systemic infections, the treatment of which will be much costlier than the ordinary check-up. Most people remain ignorant about the effect of oral health on the rest of the body. Studies have proved the link between poor oral health and serious medical conditions like heart disease, stroke and low birth weight babies.

Follow a healthy oral regimen like brushing your teeth with good toothpaste twice daily, flossing frequently and visiting your dentist regularly. This will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent you from spending more money during this credit crunch. Remember, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your oral health.

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