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Apr 4th, 2013 Crowning your Teeth in LondonW1 Get in touch

There are some times in life in London W1 when you have to hold your hands up and say-“okay, I haven’t looked after my teeth- what can you do for me my beautiful dentist?” At this juncture, it normally means that you have let tooth decay get the better of you and has torn the heart out of your teeth. In serious cases, root canal treatment will be needed, after which, you’ll need to rebuild the tooth in order to maintain a perfect bite in your mouth, and so, you’ll need to be fitted out with a crown. Now generally, most crowns are made from two variations of porcelain: the first is a pure porcelain crown, not that strong, but then it doesn’t have to be if it is fitted towards the front of the mouth. The second porcelain option is one where the porcelain is laid over metal- very strong, durable and normally fitted to the back of the mouth. Both however look very natural and will fit in perfectly with the rest of your teeth. There is a third option though- gold, again durable and strong, but people get a kick out of showing them off in the front of the mouth, as well as their practicality at the back of the mouth. The price of these little gems vary, but generally, they start from anywhere from £200 upwards.

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