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May 9th, 2012 Crowns by CEREC in London W1 Get in touch

If you have suffered from tooth loss and opted for a dental implant to fill in the gap, or, even suffered from dental decay and have had to have root canal treatment done, you will need to have a crown of some sort fitted to retain the look and health of your mouth. Normally this procedure would have taken some weeks to complete because the crown would have to be made in a laboratory far, far away. But technology in dental surgeries around London W1 has done away with all this waiting nonsense so that you can now have you crown fitted in an hour! CEREC is a wonderful new system that embraces new technology- cad/cam; the cad is for design and the cam is for manufacture and all of this is done with the aid of a computer. Essentially, you are checked out on the spot and measured up with some digital imaging, and with all of the data at the disposal of the dentist, it is fed into the computer to design your fitting. Once the computer and your dentist are happy, the design is fed straight into a machine that will mill out your fitting from a small block of material, (today it is normally zirconium based for strength), and your fitting should be ready in around 15 minutes. It can now be placed into position in your mouth; the beauty at this point is that if there is a problem, it can be solved on the spot and rectified to fit. There truly is no more waiting with this treatment.

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