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Nov 10th, 2010 Damon braces in the city of London Get in touch

There is a large choice of braces available in the city of London and finding the right one for you can be minefield. A lot depends on vanity and price, but more importantly, choice is governed by the treatment you require. Traditional treatments normally involve the removal of teeth, but this could often reduce the fullness of your smile. With Damon braces, the teeth are more often than not, retained to keep a full smile, and it can be used for complex orthodontic procedures. This system rather highlights the way that brace technology has advanced. The brace is fixed permanantly in the mouth during the treatment and works on its own with a self-ligating system. This ‘memory’ wire is slide through a series of transparent, ceramic plates, and because it’s frictionless, it allows the teeth to move accurately and quickly, with little discomfort. Treatment times are a lot less than conventional braces, and the Damon system has two other advantages. It looks very discreet in the mouth, due to the ceramics and is a lot easier to clean. It is probably the more expensive of braces around, but its treatment times, its look and its comfort make this system rather attractive.

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