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Aug 10th, 2012 Dashing Dentures in West London Get in touch

If you have been the unfortunate victim of partial or total tooth loss in west London, chances are your thoughts would have turned to wearing dentures, which would be a good call, as maintaining the ‘bite’ of your jaws will retain the overall health of your mouth. The science behind dentures has evolved immensely over the past few decades so you should look into all of the options available to you. For partial dentures, there are some fantastic options on the market that look so natural and when they are in and wrapped around the teeth, you’d hardly know that they are there. Full dentures suffer from the eternal problem of not being able to wrap around anything, with has always been the problem for all denture wearers in the past. Fixadents have improved immensely too to help remedy the problem, but probably the better innovations have come with the materials that dentures are made from. They are not only softer, which makes them adhere better to the mouth; they also look incredibly ‘real’ once they are in. But if you are going for dentures, the icing on the cake is to look at the possibility of having mini dental implants fitted to use with them. Implants are fitted into the jaw and once they have locked onto the dentures and anchored them into place, they are going nowhere, whatever you are thinking of eating.


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