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Nov 1st, 2011 Dealing with Plaque and Periodontal Disease in Central London Get in touch

Everything you have grown up with when it comes to looking after teeth in central London is all aimed at one thing- avoiding plaque and its got a lot easier over the years with plaque breaking toothpastes, wonderful plaque orientated mouth-washes and state of the art electric sonic toothbrushes- brilliant, and any further problems can be dealt with by your dentist. So you may ask why all the fuss about plaque and the need to keep your mouth free of it- because it can destroy your teeth and gums very quickly- that’s why. Plaque develops directly from a build up of bacteria and then turns very quickly to a hard tartar. This will soon eat away at the tooth’s enamel and cause infection in the gums and then you can find yourself confronting a greater evil- periodontal disease and that breaks down the supporting tissues that protect your teeth. Then deep pockets can form around the teeth that then loosen and in the end drop out. The jaw structure can also suffer from infection and at this point, you can kiss goodbye to your teeth; this disease can also bring on an abscess and has terrifying links with cancer. But all is not lost because like anything else, identify the problem early and you have a chance of getting through it. Bleeding gums are an obvious sign, as are toothaches so this means you need to get your dentist involved to patch you up and then set your on a high alert regime with the way you conduct your oral hygiene. Upping your diet is also an important factor here in order to build up your immune system. If however the diseased is advanced, you may need surgery to repair the bone structure below the teeth. Oh, and if you smoke, then give up as this will add to the problem.

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