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Oct 3rd, 2012 Delicate Dental Implants in West London Get in touch

Today in west London, you can find several forms of treatment to overcome tooth loss and all have a proven track record in the field, but until the computer and laser revolution gate-crashed dental surgeries all around the city, having a dental implant fitted was extremely exclusive, expensive and complicated. The procedure of putting a titanium spike into your jawbone has not theoretically, changed at all, but the way it is done today has. Back in the days of yore, this would be done with scalpels and drills and then needed stitching, and it was because of this, that meant it could take up to half a year for your mouth to heal before the new crowns could be fitted- but it worked and ask anyone who had it done, and they’d be prepared to go through it all again- over the options of dentures, as having implants means that they are in for life and give far better and permanent freedom to your mouth than dentures ever could. Today, the placement of an implant is done using a laser and with pinpoint accuracy. The laser doesn’t cut, it burns through gum tissue, fusing the wound as it goes and doing minimal damage along the way, thus eliminating the need for stitches. Combined with modern healing treatments for complex placements, you can have dental implants fitted in a day and healed in weeks. All of this plus how easy technology has made the treatment simple for any dentist to carry out, means that it has become available to everyone, not just the rich elite any more, meaning competition between dentists for your custom is rife, hence, prices for dental implants have plummeted over the years making this possibly the most reliable and best way of overcoming tooth loss.


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