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Nov 20th, 2013 Delighting in Damon Braces in the City of London Get in touch

3428792_blogOne of the great things about choosing fixed braces today in the city of London, aside from the price, is that they have adapted well to the needs of their patients. Vanity plays a huge part in this as traditional braces had the tendency to look ugly when wired into place, but procedures such a the Damon braces bucks this completely by using materials that are very hard to spot in the mouth. This brace has an awful lot going for it: it can get to work on some very complex scenarios if need be and does the job very fast as well. The reason for this is that it utilises a very unique self-ligating system which means it tightens itself as the treatment progresses; this is achieved because the wire is allowed to slip through the ceramic plates before its unique system at the back of the mouth does the tightening. It also means that you save a lot of money and time from having to keep popping into see your dentist, as with other braces. Once it is fitted, there are no other bolt-ons such as the wearing of headgear. Price like most orthodontic treatments depends on the length of time and complexity, but it really is a brilliant option to go for.

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