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Jul 24th, 2015 Dental Bonding is a Quick Solution to a Gap in the Smile Get in touch

iStock_000005952498SmallIf you’re looking for a quick, simple and affordable solution for a gap in your smile, look no further than dental bonding. In just a single treatment session, we can transform your smile and ensure you feel confident and happy every time you show off that beautiful new smile.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a dental technique with a range of cosmetic uses. Bonding involves the use of a tooth coloured material called dental composite to conduct minor cosmetic repairs to the teeth. With bonding, we are able to patch up chips and worn edges, smooth jagged surfaces and reduce gap sizes between the teeth.

When your dentist carries out bonding, they select the closest shade match to your natural teeth for a seamless finish. At room temperature, the composite is soft and malleable and your dentist will apply it to the relevant area and shape it to fit perfectly. In the case of a gap, the composite will be placed between the teeth to reduce the size of the space between the two teeth. When the composite is in the right place, your dentist will then set it firm. This is achieved by shining a curing light onto the composite. This process takes just a few seconds. After the composite has set, your dentist will make any final adjustments to shape the tooth and create a perfect aesthetic.

The benefits of bonding

Bonding is a magical treatment because it really can transform the look of the smile in just one hour. There’s no pain involved and the results are there for you to see immediately afterwards. Bonding is quicker and more affordable than other treatment options such as braces and veneers, and it’s a really versatile treatment. The session usually takes just an hour and the results are incredible – even the most minor changes can have an amazing effect on the aesthetic of your smile and your confidence.

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