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Jul 17th, 2014 Dental Bonding: The Quick Gappy Smile Solution Get in touch

4843159_blogMany of us long for a perfect looking smile and often, we need a little helping hand to achieve that look. For those with gaps in their smile, dental bonding is a really effective solution, which will help to create the smile of your dreams in just one hour! If you have spaces between your teeth or you have a large gap between two of your teeth and you don’t want to undergo orthodontic treatment, this simple procedure could be just the ticket.

What is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is also known as composite or cosmetic bonding. This versatile procedure is a quick, simple and painless treatment, which is capable of transforming the aesthetic of the smile. This treatment can be used to reduce the size of gaps between the smile and it is also a really great option for patients with chipped and worn teeth.

Bonding involves using dental composite, a material, which is also used for white fillings, to repair chipped teeth, close gaps between the teeth and build up worn surfaces. Your dentist will use their skill and creativity to mould the composite to improve the shape and look of your teeth to create a much more attractive smile.

The procedure

The procedure is very simple and it usually takes just one hour. Your dentist will prepare the teeth in advance, which may involve shaping them and smoothing the edges and then place the composite in the relevant position. At this stage of the procedure, the composite is soft and this means that it can be shaped and adapted to fill gaps and create even edges. When your dentist is happy with the position of the composite, they will use a curing light to set the composite; this makes it hard and resistant to damage.

Dental bonding is not painful and most patients do not have any anaesthetic; this means that you can leave the chair one hour later without worrying about numbness and you can show off your new smile straight away.

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