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Jan 11th, 2011 Dental brace advice and treatment at a city of London dentist Get in touch

Orthodontic braces (dental braces) are a dental device used to force teeth into alignment commonly to correct a person’s bite. There are a variety of different types of brace varying in terms of alignment needed. Braces are most widely used to treat and rectify issues with teeth such as under bites, cross bites, open bites, over bites and deep bites. They are also used to eliminate other common aesthetic issues with teeth like crookedness. Braces are often used with orthodontic methods of restoration to rectify any problems with the teeth and jaw. In the vast majority of cases braces are used to correct children’s and teenager’s teeth and jaw problems, although it is not at all uncommon for an adult to require braces. The application process of the brace is simple and painless with an initial inspection of the patient’s teeth, x-rays taken, and then impressions of the teeth are then made which are used to determine what type of action is required. Brackets are fixed to the teeth a few weeks before the braces are attached to ensure that there will be enough space. The teeth are coated in an adhesive to help the cement bond to them, then the final brackets are added which are attached with dental cement and then hardened through a process called curing. The typical time for the entire treatment takes around two and a half years depending on how difficult the problem is. This type of dental correction can be done at a city of London dental practice.

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