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Jan 8th, 2011 Dental bridge advice can be given from a west London dental practice. Get in touch

A dental bridge is a dental procedure where a missing tooth or teeth are replaced by a fixed partial denture; this is attached permanently to each side of the adjacent teeth. There are a variety of different types of bridges varying in the way in which they are made and attached to the teeth; the majority of bridges are made using indirect restorative methods however in some cases resins are used to make direct restorations. There are three different types of bridge; firstly a fixed bridge is implanted in the mouth by making reductions in the teeth either side of where the bridge is going to go then the bridge is attached to the teeth. There are a number of materials that can be used to make the fixed bridge such as gold, ceramics, porcelain fused with metal and sometimes porcelain only. Second there is the resin bonded bridge, where there is no need of crowning the adjacent teeth so this procedure is used when they show little or no previous damage. The bridge is usually made from plastic and attached using metal bands bonded using resin. Typically this kind of bridge is used on the front teeth where there is little or no stress, it can be made by bonds behind the teeth which are out of view. Lastly there is the cantilever bridge which is used when there is only one tooth which is healthy for the bridge to be attached to, the bridge is anchored on just one side and because of this it usually used in areas of low stress such as at the front of the teeth. Taking care of dental bridges is a very important thing for patients as even the best fitting bridges will still contain gaps so strict brushing routines and cleaning are essential. Discuss dental braces with a west London dental professional.

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