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Nov 5th, 2010 Dental bridges in the city of London Get in touch

However hard we try in the city of London to maintain a good level of oral cleanliness, there is a chance that at some point in our lives, we will lose a tooth. Whatever the reasons behind the loss, it is often necessary to have the tooth replaced, not only

to remain pretty, keeping the contours of your face and retain the smile, but for health reasons; the teeth that are left can be prone to movement and infection. One solution to the problem is a dental bridge. These are relatively simple to fabricate and fit (two, maybe three sittings) and if treated with respect, can last you up to 15 years. Depending on the nature of the gap and the condition of the teeth left, there are generally 3 types to choose from. For the front teeth that are less likely to be exposed to stress and pressure, there’s a choice of two. A bonded bridge- where the replacement tooth is attached to the adjacent teeth using bands and then bonded with resin, or, a cantilever bridge that is attacheched to one adjacent tooth. But the strongest is a fixed bridge. This can take a lot of pressure and therefore can be used anywhere. The replacement tooth is bonded to two new crowns and cemented to the prepared teeth either side if the gap. In all cases, hygiene is important after the bridge is in place.

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