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Dec 7th, 2012 Dental Bridges over the City of London Get in touch

There is a pretty good chance that most of us will succumb to tooth loss at some point in our lives in the city of London, but apart from the obvious cosmetic damage done to the image of the mouth, tooth loss comes with health issues as well. Whatever has caused the loss is irrelevant, the need to get the hole plugged up is essential for your ongoing oral health. Not only is it important to maintain the occlusion (bite) of the mouth by replacing the tooth, the other teeth around the gap can also start to move into the hole and infection can set in: the answer to this problem is a dental bridge. The most popular is one that sits among a line of remaining teeth and can be used to shore up a gap of up to three missing teeth. The new crown/crowns are moulded between to end crowns that are then attached to the teeth either side of the hole: over larger gaps, the bridge can be anchored more firmly in the middle by using a mini-implant. Other bridges use wires and resins to bond onto the surrounding teeth. The choice of bridge depends on the work it has to do and the location in the mouth, but once fitted, you have to be aware of how to clean them in order to prevent a build up of food underneath them. Your dentist will explain all of this once the bridge is in. But aside of this, a bridge is durable and one of the cheaper ways to replace teeth that have gone missing.


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