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Apr 17th, 2010 Dental care parental control by a dentist in W1 London Get in touch

All parents have a parental duty of care to their children, and quite rightly so says a W1 London dentist. Starting off early in life is a good basis for getting our children into a healthy regime of oral care. Dental diseases can start in children very young, and so it is important that they realise the importance of having good teeth and healthy gums. We teach our children so many things about life to prepare them, first for school, then their teen years, then adulthood, mainly we will be teaching them to not make the same mistakes as we did. However, some lessons need to be passed on as not all of our life’s experiences are bad ones. Teaching our children simple routines like how to brush our teeth properly, flossing and getting into the habit of having a conscious mind about oral hygiene, will go a long way to living up to our parental duties says a dentist with a practice in W1 London. Gum disease is a major problem in the U.K. and one of the causes is a lack of parental control in dental care that is of course on top of a bad diet which includes too much sugar, salt and saturated fats. Once gum disease takes a hold the teeth begin to suffer, and a circle of deterioration is hard to stop, all it really needs is for good parental control in the early learning years. The expression `A stitch in time saves nine` is not heard so much these days, but it is a very true one. Children are quick learners, but you have to bring some fun into it if you are going to get a result. Making the cleaning of our teeth a family affair will instil in our young ones a happy medium that they will associate with all through their lives, and healthy teeth and gums is a result of all the effort.

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