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Apr 2nd, 2010 Dental Check Ups are crucial says a City of London dentist Get in touch

Dental check ups are a very important part of the oral care regime says a City of London dentist. They are usually 6 monthly visits, and this is sufficient enough for your dentist to keep your teeth clean, white and healthy. A clean up is a must for all patients, even if you follow a good and disciplined pattern of oral hygiene. It is also advisable to spend a few minutes chatting to the hygiene nurse; they will give you the latest leaflets and let you know about new technology that is on the market. Dental care isn’t all about your dentist repairing the damage of a lax oral hygiene, we all need to heed the advice of the dentist and the nurse and do our bit as well. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the silent dangers that lurk within our mouths; cancer is a nasty word that is normally associated with the rest of the body. However, there is an increase in mouth cancers which is hard to detect unless you know what to look for. Most of the cancers associated with the mouth, tongue and gums start off being painless and it isn’t until they are in an advanced stage that they are discovered. Your dentist is now your first line of defence in detecting mouth cancers at an early stage. The other thing that your dentist will looking for is cuts and abrasions on the gums, these are a sign that bacteria is likely to be entering the blood stream and attaching itself to your platelets. These platelets are an integral tool of the body and if they mutate it can cause you heart problems. All in all your dentist is a very handy person to know, and you should visit them at least twice a year as advised.

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