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Jan 6th, 2010 Dental Crown Placement. It’s easier than you think explains a LondonW1 dentist Get in touch

A dental crown is a perfect way to transform our teeth, especially when they have become discoloured through food and drink intake, red wine being a big contributor to this condition. Other damage to teeth that could be solved by a crown can be more severe, and they will often save the tooth making it unnecessary for an implants or a false plate. Cracked teeth are difficult to see without the aid of a magnifying glass, so often we suffer from slight discomfort and risk more severe damage because of it. A crown over the tooth will not only make the tooth look like new, it will hold a crack in check, this also applies to a chipped, or in some cases, a misshapen tooth. Think of it like decorating a room, we strip off the old paper and it reveals old holes, cracks and bad repairs. We rub down the lumps, we fill the holes and wipe over the cracks. Then we line it and put on the final, smooth top paper. A dentist in LondonW1 explained that a crown placement procedure isn’t that complicated, but the comparison is good and the end result is the same. After some preparation work to fix the crown permanently to the tooth, the dentist will apply a clean coat of cement which not only holds the crowns in place, but will also go some way to preventing more damage to a cracked or chipped tooth. The new crown can be used in the same way as all your other teeth, and the care of it will be pretty much the same. If a crown becomes loose or falls out then a dentist can easily place it back, and without too much drama. Remember to keep it in some clean water, but don’t scrub it.

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