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Mar 4th, 2010 Dental Crown Placement: It’s Easier Than You Think says a W1 London dentist Get in touch

A dental crown is a simple alternative to more complicated dental solutions, says a W1 London dentist. A crown is exactly that in every sense of the word, and we all know that a crown, like wallpaper, can cover up a multitude of sins. Problems that a crown can solve range from discoloured, chipped, cracked and misaligned teeth, although it isn’t always the answer in some extreme cases, it is in most. The procedure is as simple as the solution itself, and involves, in most cases, just 2 visits to the dentist. On the first the dentist will assess if the damaged tooth can be repaired by a crown, if it can he will then take a series of photographs and do some simple tests, all of which are completely painless. The crown is made for that specific tooth, and that specific problem whatever it is. A colouration test is done to make sure that the crown will fit in naturally with the surrounding teeth. When the crown is ready to be fitted the dentist will numb the area and the tooth, then he will grind down the front of the tooth, they will take just enough off so that the thickness of the crown will fit on perfectly to keep the height. The crown is simply then cemented to the tooth and that’s it. Maintenance is simple and you can clean the crown as you do the other teeth. A crown mustn’t be confused with a veneer which is a completely different thing altogether, a veneer is a much thinner version and is more a cosmetic device, where as a crown will solve a lot more serious problems and last a lot longer. Most dental surgeries provide this service, and some consultations are free.

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