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May 25th, 2011 Dental Crowns for a healthy mouth in Central London Get in touch

Keeping your mouth healthy in central London is a never ending battle, though with all the products on the market, you stand a good chance of doing so, and then there’s your dentist to back you up to fix the things that you can’t see and will miss. Tooth decay is one of these to be combated, and depending how bad it is, even if you lose a tooth, you’ll probably need to have a full or partial crown fitted, not only for the health of your mouth, but from an aesthetic angle too. They are made from an array of materials, from gold to resin, from ceramic to porcelain; choosing the one that suits should be determined by the level of your vanity and the everyday stresses the tooth will go through. Gold and porcelain-over- metal, tend to be stronger and are normally preferred in the back of the mouth; others that preserve the beauty of the tooth, where the forces on them are minimal, are normally all-porcelain or ceramic- these are generally constructed outside of the mouth before fitting. When a tooth has to be removed completely, its root can be replaced with an implant to which a complete crown can be fitted. Whatever you choose will restore the damage done and ensure that your mouth continues functioning naturally as before.

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